GoodSync Enterprise v10.4.7.7

GoodSync is an easy and reliable file backup and file synchronization software. It automatically analyzes, synchronizes, and backs up your emails, precious family photos, contacts, MP3s, financial documents, and other important files locally - between desktops, laptops, servers, external drives, and Windows Mobile devices, as well as remotely through FTP , SFTP, WebDAV, and more. GoodSync file synchronization software combines bulletproof reliability with an extremely easy to use interface to compare, synchronize, and backup your emails, contacts, photos, iTunes, MP3s, and other important files. Automatically synchronize and back up your important files between desktops, laptops, servers, and external drives over a network or the Internet. Using an innovative synchronization algorithm - GoodSync file sync software is years ahead of the pack when it comes to file synchronization.

Key features:
• bidirectional synchronization to prevent data loss
• unidirectional synchronization for backup
• Synchronize folders, not only Windows, but also FTP, WebDAV, SFTP
• Synchronization with smartphones and PDAs to the Windows platform
• Selective File Synchronization
• Flexible and Easy Sync Automation

Other features include:
• Monitoring the file system is not required
• Syncing multiple devices, providing maximum comfort
• Synchronize FTP file modification time
• Translation of the modification time of files for non-Preserving File Systems
• Easily synchronize only the modification time of files
• Real-time monitoring
• Visualization of changes
• Ease and flexibility of display
• Task tab, make it easier to work with several tasks
• Counters size for each level
• Dialogue to facilitate the selection of synchronized folders
• Identification of required free space
• Reports on actions and changes
• Tags jobs to removable drives
• Backing up the network over an encrypted channel.

Version 10.4.7 June 03, 2017
* Forwarder: fix idempotency was not enforced by Server Pipe Receiver, could cause file corruption.
* gs-server: Increase number of stored responses to 20, to make idempotency always work.
* Sockets: send really long buffer in smaller 512 Kb chunks, to report sending progress.
* GSTP: Add x-sib-content-md5 header to all transactions we submit, and check it on server.
* Filters: Consider 'path /folder' to be absolute, for purposes of Include filter.
* Filters: Use the same fnmatch code in Windows, MacOS and Linux -- for consistent results.
* Filters: Time: Add relative hours and minutes: +Nh / -Nh, +Nm / -Nm.
* SyncLib: Syncing: fix UpdateStateMergeGens operation losing New Generation on the Right side.
* SyncLib: Syncing: Get ACL/Owner/ExtAttr after Sync on the destination side.
* SyncLib: Syncing: Do not remove analyze time error when we start to sync conflict.
* SyncLib: Analyzing: When reading state file, do not allow more than 100 levels in sync tree.
* Account Manager: If /jobs-file=/folder/file.tix is used then read Account only from this TIX file.
* Copy Ext Attr: Turn it On by default only for MacOS, keep it Off for Windows.
* Folder Monitoring: React to change of Folder Owner, if Compare Owner option is on for this side.
* Google Drive V3: reduce memory usage when building cache.
* Add checking of System Disk Free Space and reporting of low free space.
* Azure: remove its claim to always providing Content-MD5, as it does not always do it.
* Backblaze B2: more fixes, to improve speed and error processing.
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