Ginger HDR

Since HDR Video is a relatively new technology there is a lack of
solid workflow support. Ginger HDR is a set of plugins designed
to streamline HDR processing so that we can take HDR Video
from a science project to a production workflow. So what does
Ginger HDR include?
HDR Tonemapping for After Effects (CS 3.0+) and Premiere Pro (CS 5.0+)
Tonemapping Basic:
The basic tonemapping plugin is designed to
quickly and easily compress the dynamic range of your scene
while retaining detail. It uses a minimal set of parameters so it’s
great for people new to HDR.
Tonemapping Advanced:
The advanced tonemapping plugin is a much more specialized
set of tonemapping options for experienced users.
Tools include:
Lens Filter:
Simulate the effect of lens filters such as a gradient neutral density filter.
Two Level Merge:
A specialized tool for scenes with a separate bright area and dark area (such as looking out a window).
Local Adaptation:
The tool for compressing global contrast while adaptively increasing the local contrast.
Filmic Curve:
Simulate the look of real film by giving your tone curve a shoulder and a toe.
Color Grading:
Grading tools for manipulating your shadows, midtones, and highlights.

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OS: MacOSX - After Effect or Premiere Pro
Size: 88,9 MB
Lang: Englisch
Format: .dmg
Hoster: Uploaded

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