FreeSpace v1.2.x Mac OS X | 1.6 MB
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On OS X 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9, local snapshot is switched on by default by Apple. Which means some space would have been taken and hidden as local backup by OS X. Finder always displays the available space disregarding the local snapshots. But FreeSpace displays the true available space with regarding the presence of the snapshots.

FreeSpace is the most full-featured free space monitor! It leads over the other similar software!

Well-categorized menu showing free spaces of all local, external, network drives, Superdrive, and disk images
Eject all by 1-click. Eject single partition by option-click.
Fully-customized number format on the menubar
Low free space drive highlighting
Mount and Eject notification. On the menubar or Notification Center as you decide.

Works best with Time Machine backup!

Pin the Time Machine drive on the menu bar
After the backup is finished, FreeSpace will notify you when the drive is ejected
FreeSpace will remember the Time Machine drive and will show the drive on the menubar again on the next backup.

Auto-launch every time when computer starts up

After downloading FreeSpace from the AppStore, go to the Application folder
Double-click FreeSpace to launch the first time
Select “Launch at Login” from the Preference menu. FreeSpace will auto-launch itself every time when the computer starts up

Rich features leading over the other similar software!

Eject all connected drives and disk images by 1-click or ⌘E
Eject the whole drive by clicking the eject button
Eject single partition by option-clicking the the eject button
Eject all drives in the same category by 1-click
Open the drive in Finder by clicking the name
Drives are grouped and displayed in logical categories
Highlight drive with low free space when under certain percentage
Any drive can be pinned on the menu bar. If the drive is disconnected, FreeSpace remembers and will re-pin it once it is reconnected
Custom number format on the menu bar
Sort partitions by ascending or descending name or free space
Retina display support
Ultra-low CPU and memory consumption
Ultra-fast auto-launch at computer startup

FreeSpace v1.2.7 MacOSX

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