Format Converter 6 Ultimate 6.0.5205.28654

Format Converter 6 Ultimate - The conversion tool for music, movies and photos. The universal converter...

Formatconverter 6 – optimum picture quality on smartphones, etc. Thanks to smartphones, etc. you can nowadays always have your favorite tracks and best videos to hand in your pocket, any time you want. But movies and music that can be played at top quality on computer often encounter a problem on smartphones, cell phones and tablet PCs: there is no image, no sound, and sometimes the files aren't even recognized.

This is caused by incompatible formats and incorrect settings during conversion. But this is a thing of the past now. You can use Format Converter to convert video and audio files and select exactly the format that guarantees you a smooth picture and good sound on mobile devices.

The universal converter for all audio, video and photo files
- Couldn't be simpler to handle
- Features can be individually activated
- Extensive conversion functions
- Available with photo/video optimization
- Wide range of formats supported,
- including DVR recordings

Converting videos
MOV, AVI, DIVX or even MP4? Even without any technical understanding of the maze of formats available, you will be able to use the converter to find the right settings for your target device.

Converting audio files
Whether you want to produce an MP3 file from an audio CD for your smartphone or a WAV file from a concert DVD for your online music archive, Formatconverter 6 allows you to convert and rip files into any audio format you want...

Optimizing photos
No matter what camera you've used to take your pictures, Format Converter allows you to convert a variety of source formats to JPGs or BMPs. On top of that, you can edit at the same time all your photos and improve their quality...

From TV to cell phone
You can now even convert TV shows that you've recorded using your DVR for smartphones, etc., and into the video format that you want…

You don't necessarily have to play your videos on your PC because it is the only device that recognizes all the formats. Formatconverter 6 allows you also to adapt them for the TV in your living room, as well as for mobile players for you to watch when you're on the underground, a train and a plane. Thanks to the large variety of profiles, you can produce your clips and films without any problem for playing on the widest variety of players, saving you the bother of having to know everything about video formats, resolutions and aspect ratios.

Even if it doesn't actually work, you can create individual new templates based on existing profiles and send us the clip via the Internet for analysis, or have a try using our online converter. More information about video functionality.

Formatconverter 6 offers you greater freedom of movement with your audio CDs, talking books, songs and even video soundtracks, regardless of whether your player is in your living room, built in to your car or hiding in your trouser pocket, and no matter which format it prefers: MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV or FLAC. But what if you need the opposite? No problem either, because you can use Formatconverter 6 to produce long-term archives of your favorite music as well, without any loss of quality at all from compression.

The basic version of Formatconverter 6 that is available for free comes equipped with sufficient features for you to convert your music and video material. If you need more features beyond this, you can connect plugins that can be obtained separately, activate their use and expand the program in this way individually. There are plugins currently available for the audio and video modules ("Audio Pro", "Video-Pro" and "Video DVR") supporting a wide range of formats, as well as a 2D-to-3D converter and special function modules for photo and video optimization.

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