FL Studio 9.9.4 + Update 4 + FL Studio: Tutorial 2 DVD | 5.58 GB

FL Studio - one of the best programs for creating and recording his music! In FL Studio virtually no restrictions. Also present in the assembly FL Studio: Tutorial 2 DVD.

FL Studio - one of the best programs for creating and recording his music! In FL Studio virtually no restrictions. Supports VST / DX plugins, multi-track recording, 32-bit mixing and advanced MIDI support will create music of any style and trends. Ready-made tracks and samples can be exported into formats WAV, MP3, OGG or MIDI. The program interface is not particularly difficult, but there are many functions that require detailed study. The time spent is worth it - you'll be able to give free rein to their imagination raging and do your music just be what you want!

FL Studio: Tutorial 2 DVD
Do you know that experienced professionals create music at the cost of $ 300 per song in just 1 hour in FL Studio?
If you want to learn the same way, then you will be interested to know how to do it in the shortest possible time.
Did you ever have this: You want to know something specific on the program FL Studio and you clock started on all forums to look for what you need?

Has it ever happened that you could not find an answer and you had to ask your question on the forums? And then wait a few hours (or even days) until you answer it.
And if you suddenly meet there was not such a case, the answer begs another couple of questions: What? In what sense? And where is it located?

Again, wait for answer!
As a result of the "fast" pace of learning enables you to understand what a program to learn and understand you will never succeed! And of course you throw the whole thing, and not knowing what incredible music you can write your own home.
With this full video rate (in Russian) you can fully master the program Fl Studio from A to Z, with its subsequent use!

FL Studio features Learn to immediately:
- You do not need many hours of searching for sites
- You do not need to spend more on the nerves obscure program
- No need to re-read a lot of articles written by people in various forums
- No need to wonder what, where and how, how, what and why
- All that is required of you - is a complete learning program Fl Studio from A to Z, followed by its application.

Chapter 1: Working with FL Studio
Piano Roll-1
Piano-Roll 2

Chapter 2: Writing a song
-Writing ...
-Writing more

Chapter 3: increase
-Extended to work with the mixer
-Extended to work with the Piano Roll
-Connect with other programs
-Extended to work with playlist
-Working with the sample
-Extended to work with samples
-Settings and Options Fl Studio

Chapter 4: Working with plug-in processing (23 plugin)
-Bass Boost
-Blood Overdrive
-Delay 2
-Delay Bank
-Fast Dist
-Fast LP
-Love Philter
-And so on ...

Chapter 5: Writing is a composition
-Let's begin ...
Go on ...
-Continue on ...
Go on further ...
-Automating ...

Chapter 6: Advanced Materials (Bonus)
Overview VSTi plug-Edirol Orchestral
-Review of the sound processing of liZotope Ozone 3
The chip-to write Tunes
A little-chord
-How to inspire yourself
-The last word.