FarStone TotalRecovery Pro v9.0.20121101

TotalRecovery 9 Pro is all you need to completely protect your data and computer from an unexpected disaster. TotalRecovery Pro ensures your digital photos, music, documents, and other important files are well-protected and can be easily recovered. TotalRecovery Pro's comprehensive recovery features allow you to restore a crashed computer or a single file.

All-in-One Data Recovery Software. Recover data, emails, photos, documents and even, Windows in just a few clicks! TotalRecovery Pro is a powerful and advanced program designed to protect your PC from an unexpected disaster. TotalRecovery Pro ensures that photos, music, documents, and other important files on your PC are well protected or can easily be recovered. TotalRecovery Pro offers comprehensive backup and recovery, including file and folder backup, complete system backup, and incremental image backup. Set your PC backup schedule, and TotalRecovery pro will automatically back up your data without delaying or disrupting any work in progress.

All Features List:
• Total Recovery allows you to perform file, application and Windows system backup. It has all of the features for protecting your precious data and OS.
• You can optionally encrypt your personal files with AES encryption (up to 256 bit), similar to US Defense Department, to prevent anyone from accessing your backup without your permission.
• Perform a bare-metal PC restore without the need to re-install Windows or any applications.
• Back up open files while their applications (i.e, Outlook, or a database application) are still running, and ensure consistent backups.
• Create and enforce limits for the storage usage, it will automatically reuse the oldest backup space for new backups.
• Perform "set it and forget it" automatic backups.
• Allows you to use the Google Desktop search utility for searches of a your e-mails, music, photos, chats, and other "Google Gadgets" in TotalRecovery™ backup images.
• Notify you with all scheduled backup activities and results via email.
• You can use our pre-defined commands (scripts) to perform tasks before or after a scheduled job takes place. Highly useful with other application software, such as database product.
• With TotalRecovery file rescue utility, you can browse and copy files from a crashed Windows system.
• You can convert a Total Backup Recovery image file to a VMware (VMDK) or Hyper-V (VHD) file format to run it on a virtual machine.
• Easily clone your hard drive to different size SSD drive for better performance. Total Recovery will automatically adjust and resize partitions.
• Completely copy all files, applications and Windows system to another (same or bigger) hard disk, or SSD. Total Recovery will automatically adjust and resize partitions.
• Automatically copy and backup to remote FTP location, ensures you have 2 copies of backups, one in local and another one on remote storage.
• Supports all types of bootable media, such as CD/DVD, USB flash/USB HDD, USB Key, diskless PC and PXE server. A boot media allows you to boot into Total Recovery Manager for data recovery when your system has failed to start.
• TotalRecovery backs up only changes to your files(by sector/block). Most other products back up files in its entirety.
• With our helpful support staff, you’ll receive free technical support on all FarStone products.
• Built with care, TotalRecovery™ offers you an all-in-one data disaster recovery solution with all the features you need.

New Features:
• Backup and restore for both new UEFI and traditional BIOS PC systems.
• Recover Windows password in clicks.
• Support GPT disk format, break the limitation of 2TB for a single volume.
• Total Backup Recovery supports both Hyper-v and VMware.

What's new in TotalRecovery Pro V9?
Windows 8 Fully Supported
New Windows 8 Style User Interface
Differential Backup Added to Work with Incremental & Full Backup
Enhanced Scheduler, Quota Management, and Remote Backup
FarStone Recovery Manager Added to Boot Entry; Allows Instant Restore
Mount Backup Image to View & Restore Files
Exclude Files From Backing or Cloning
100% PerfectDefrag Backup or Cloning
SmartBackup Exclude Redundant Files (save 10GB-50GB space)
Enhanced VMware & VHD Support
Enhanced UEFI, GPT, RAID Backup
Support Windows New REFS File System

FarStone Total Recovery Pro v9 0 Incl Keymaker-CORE
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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.