FarSt DriveCl / Server 9.01

DriveCl is all you need to totally protect from a disaster. DriveCl offers comprehensive backup & recovery, including file and folder backup, unique time travel recovery, complete system image backup, and incremental. Set your PC backup schedule, and DriveCl will automatically backup your data without disrupting any working applications.

DriveCl is more than a disk copy tool!
During disk copy, DriveCl's Perfect Defrag will 100% defrags all files making the cld disk 20% faster. In addition, DriveCl's Smart Cloning excludes junk files from copying to the destination disk, saving 10GB-50GB space. Finally, DriveCl's Universal Cloning keeps the cld disk in a "Universal Bootable Format", the cld disk is able to boot on any computers; making upgrade to new HDD/PC simple and easy.

HDD/SSD Copy & PC/Server Upgrade
FarSt DriveCl is an easy-to-use & powerful SSD and HDD copy/cloning tool. DriveCl copies/cls Windows and all files, including applications, settings and disk partition information to another disk (HDD or SSD) in a few clicks. The cld disk is immediately bootable. Use the cld disk to boot PC system and use applications as a complete replacement, making the transition & upgrading to new disk (HDD or SSD) simple, fast and easy.

What DriveCl 9 Can Do?
Upgrade/Migrate to a new PC/Server
Upgrade/Migrate HDD to SSD
Cl Windows and everything
Upgrade/Migrate to a Bigger HDD
Duplicate/Copy HDD/SSD
Backup Entire PC in Universal Boot Format
Make PC 20% Faster with Perfect Cloning
Remove Junk and Redundant Data 10GB - 50GB

What's new in DriveCl V9?
-click SSD, HDD, PC/Server Cloning & Migration
Smart Cloning Remove Junk Files From Disk
Perfect Defrag Increase Performance up to 20%
Universal Boot Enable Cld Disk Bootable on any Computers
Copy Normal, GPT, RAID, UEFI System
Automatic Partition Resizing
Cloning without Interrupting Current Work
Other Main Features
Cl/Copy entire hard disk or partition(s)
Cld Windows drive is immediately bootable
Automatically or manually partition(s) resizing
Copy/Cl > 2TB & 3 TB hard drive
Copy/Cl Raid system
Copy/Cl Ultrabook Hybrid disk system
Copy/Cl GPT disk & Dynamic disk
Cl/Copy UEFI & EFI system
Copy/Cl Open file, hard links
Copy/Cl Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Cl/Copy Servers 2000/2003/2008 (Only Available for DriveCl Server)

DriveCl Eidtions
DriveCl (Standard): Supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
DriveCl Server: Supports Windows Server 2012, 2003, 2008

Smart Disk Cloning
Smart Disk Cloning reduces disk size 10GB-50GB by excluding redundant data during disk copy, such as browser's temporary files, Windows caching & swapping files and hard-link files. Smart Cloning improves performance, reduces disk size and makes computer faster.

Perfect Defrag Cloning
Pefect Defrag is a DriveCl's unique feature. DriveCl defrags all files during disk copy, ensures there is no fragmentation (100% defragged) on the cld drive. A Perfect Defrag disk runs up to 20% faster.

Universal Boot Cloning
Universal Boot Cloning enables cld disk immediately bootable on original and dissimilar computer systems.

Automatic Partition Resizing
Automatic Partition Resizing is a fool proof design that allows users to use DriveCl without the hassles and messes of disk partitioning.

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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. pleaseĀ Register to gain full access.