EZ CD Audio Converter (x86/x64)

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EZ CD Audio Converter is the most comprehensive multi format audio converter and is extremely easy to use. Rips audio CDs, converts audio files, allows editing of metadata, and burns discs. It has efficient error-detective CD-ripping, very fast parallel audio conversion, and reliable disc burning. All combined to user friendly, beautiful interface.

Unique features of EZ CD Audio Converter:
- Multiple services for retrieving high-quality metadata
- Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
- Best audio codecs out of the box for best audio quality
- Exact and reliable CD ripping with error detection and two-pass verification of audio
- Extremely high-performance ripping and converting that takes advantage of the multimedia features of processors
- Multi-core audio converter that allows parallel audio conversion with up to 8 parallel converters
- ReplayGain for automatic loudness leveling on playback

Supported audio formats include: Dolby Pulse, AAC / HE AAC, MP3, FLAC, Vorbis, Opus, Apple Lossless, Windows Media Audio, and more.

Changes in EZ CD Audio Converter
* Cover Art thumbnail image quality improvements
* Cover Art resize image quality improvements
* Now uses high quality Lanczos image resampling algorithm for Cover Art thumbnails and resizing
* Added Cover Art resize to 1000×1000 (in addition to already existing 500×500, and 300×300)
* Updated Monkey’s Audio codec to 4.13. Maximum filesize is now 4GB (previously 2GB)
* Ripping Log now shows the FLAC 1.3.1 version number correctly (it was previously shown as 1.3.0 althought the actual codec was 1.3.1)
* Does not auto-separate Track Artist / Track Title freedb entries that have “: ” in the freedb TTITLEN field, because it mistakenly separated some classical album entries (separation is auto-made when TTITLEN has ” – ” or ” / “)
* Improved M4A file format compatibility. Moved “Xtra” (metadata) atom after “meta” atom, because Pioneer hardware players were not able to read metadata if the “Xtra” atom was preceding “meta” atom
* Improved M4A file format. Don’t write empty values to “Xtra” atom. (Rating, Publisher, URL)
* Added more color to the top main panel because it was too grey ;)
* Minor updates to the user interface
EZ CD Audio Converter + Cracked-XenoCoder : 40.53 MB
Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.
Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.