EV Productions Singing Bowl KONTAKT | 2.39 GB

Since the release of my Nylon Guitar got delayed, here's little compensation. The Tibetian Singing Bowls are unique in sound. In this library I've focused on two bowls. Since most 'commercial' libraries focus on entire range of exotic percussion, this one usually get lost with just single sample covering only portion of its sound.

In this library I've focused entirely on sounds produced by these magical instruments.
As always, everything was recorded in 24bit 96kHz for unsurpassed sample precision. No downsampling/lowpassing/EQing was done.

Key features:
- 64 mono samples (24/96) and 2 stereo samples (for pads)
- hard stick/soft mallet
- 4 velocity layers and 4 real repetitions
- never-seen-before Singing Bowl Pad - looped samples in chromatic scale
- made in Kontakt 3.5 for maximum compatibility with newer versions
- 100% royalty free, available under CC BY-SA

Hitting the smaller bowl with mallet was tricky. To obtain 'forte' velocity comparable to its larger brother I needed to bash it pretty hard. I even hit the microphone once rofl

In addition to this, you can also download unused samples - collection of 55 additional non processed samples for your production plus 64 used stereo samples (they were converted to mono because of variations across stereo image).

You may also expect expansion packs for this library (rolls, tremolo, bottom hits and GUI for kontakt) if I could get a little more recording time (this actually depends on my budget).

The recording took me roughly 4 hours and the production time was longer than 10 hours, so I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

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