ESI Advanced CFD 2013.0 Win x86 / x64 [2013, ENG] | 1.69 GB

CFD-Advanced is classified CFD & Multiphysics software to simulate the behavior of fluid, thermal, chemical, biological, electrical and mechanical systems. CFD-Advanced is a modular and scalable system. It includes a series of numerical and physical models, and advanced pre-and post-processor modules. CFD-Advanced supports all interfaces, starting with a multi-block structured, and ending deformation grids. It also supports most of the advanced CAD / CAE / EDA data formats.

Advanced CFD-tuned for parallel computing on PC-compatible systems and clustering. CFD-Advanced offers as standard modules modeling fluid, thermal, and turbulence. In addition, the existing block model biotechnological systems, plasma, semiconductor, MEMS, aerospace and fuel cells. package CFD-Advanced was developed based on the principles of modularity and extensibility, allowing it greater flexibility of use.

CFD-Advanced is used by more than 400 companies and institutions around the world and includes a high-tech physical and digital models, as well as aid in the design environment, based on the simulation. The program also incorporated all the modeling techniques, in particular, the multi-block structured modeling, general polyhedral unstructured modeling technique arbitrary interfaces, and the movement and deformation of the mesh-related data for the most common formats of CAD data, Capri and EDA (computer-aided design of electrical circuits).

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