Eplan P8 Pro Panel 2.3 | 1.0 GB

The major new release of the EPLAN Platform is launched. Version 2.3 focuses on standardization and automation, which opens up new opportunities for users when it comes to standard-compliant design and handling safety values. Simple macro editing and extended search functions for system settings guarantee highly productive engineering for users. Another practical benefit: central administration of phased-out devices and associated test runs to give transparency and safety to existing projects.

The latest Version 2.3 of the EPLAN Platform is characterized by standardized and largely automated engineering across a consistent database. There is comprehensive support for new standard-compliant designations based on EN 81346 and the safety values focused VDMA 66413 exchange format. The central administration of phased-out items and a new search function for system settings are additional new features of the CAE software to allow interdisciplinary cooperation and configuration. For example macros: Version 2.3 offers extensive options for handling macros/partial circuits and their variations. What is new is the fact that these macros can be edited and if needed be updated across the entire project within an incredibly clear table view. This means that comprehensive changes can be made within the project with just a few clicks of a mouse - potential error sources are reduced by means of central data storage.

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