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A video of wedding album is a nice idea as it’s very handy unlike the printed one. Wedding album is a special thing for couples and worth keeping for lifetime. Making video of wedding album add liveliness to the memories. Video Xpress gives you this facility of making quick videos of albums designed in Album Xpress. Just import the wedding album and Video Xpress will automatically generate a video worth perfect. Videos of Wedding Albums, Photo Books and Photos
Make video of multiple things. With Video Xpress, you can make video of not only of wedding Album but also you can bring in your photos and make a video of it. In addition the photo book designed in Book Xpress can also be used to design video.

Frame Wise Multiple Transitions Effects
Select the designs in advance and get ready for the event. At event you just click the photos and take the output. Get the Design for any occasion and event. We have ready designs in single photo and two photo format. Get started easily with ready to use designs to complete designing faster!

Transitions effects on almost every individual object included in your album
Each and every object on the page is important and adds a value to give a perfect output. When you import an album or photo book into Video Xpress it makes a video of it by automatically giving effect to almost every available object on the page. This saves your effort of giving individual effects and gives you output in less time. You can change the effects manually as well.

Full Control on Entry Paused (Hold) and Exit of Every Object
Video Xpress automatically generates the video of the albums,photo books and photos with ready effects. You get the full control to adjust the entry timing, holding period and exit of the object. Plus you can give different effects for entry and exit of the object.

Manage the Entries and Exits According to Previous Object's Animation
While managing the entry and exit of the object, you can also manage the entry according to the previous object’s animation. You can either bring in the object with the previous animated object or can also bring after the previous animated object.

Easy Designing With Addition & Alteration
When the ready album or photo book is imported into Video Xpress, you can add or replace any background, clipart and any other decors on the page and form a new design without changing the effect on the object.

Add Single Audio
With animation, you can add a background audio to video to express more about the video getting displayed. According to the duration of the song, you can manage the animation of the video as well. The audio repetition option is also available in the video Xpress.

Create Audio Playlist
When the video is of a longer length and the song repetition is not wanted, then at this time Video Xpress helps you by giving the option of playlist where you can add more than one audio and can create a playlist.

Easy Output Generation
Video Xpress not only provides you easy creation facility but it also facilitates you with the simple output generation procedure. The generation of video is simple and you just need to define the aspect ratio and rest of the things will be managed by software only.

Aspect Ratio (Two Types)
The aspect ratio of the video can be decided before the actual creation of the video. Through video xpress, you can generate video in any of the two aspect ratios i.e. 16: 9 and 4: 3. In the software.

Formats (AVI, MPEG3, MPEG4)(Suitable to Run in Mobiles as Well)
Take output in the format you commonly use. Video Xpress provides you the option of taking output in AVI, MPEG3 and MPEG4. These video formats are universally supported and can be played on cell phones as well. This gives great mobility to the video.

Express with Words on Your Video
Words are the voice of the heart! Express your feelings bit more by writing some messages about event or photos on the Video design made by you. Inserting text is made simple, Add Rich Text on Video with desire option of the font, font size, color and alignment you want. Ready to use presets are also available to help you more. So express more on personalized Video.

Adjust the Tilt!
Make your photos tilt to any angle by adjusting the Minimum and Maximum angles. Video Xpress gives you an opportunity to adjust minimum or maximum angle for photo. Image tilting adds to the attractiveness of the Video. Make your Video look Bright with these angles set right!

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Get Photos From Bluetooth as Well as From Facebook
Video Xpress have a special feature of photo import. It has a Bluetooth option by which you can add photo in software if your systems have Bluetooth then. User can also login to their Facebook account and can download the photos to design Video.

Enhanced Photo Editor
Video Xpress is loaded with new photo manager through which user can select the photo in thumbnails, list, Filmstrip or in Full view mode; none of other software provide selection in full view. Photo manager have option of batch rename or Batch rotate which can be used on single photo also. Sort photos with various parameters provided. You can even sort photos manually.

Glorify Photos More by Giving Various Effects
Make the photos look Rich and Lively by doing RGB Color Corrections. Whether your photo is taken in low light or is much brighter than needed, adjust the Brightness, contrast and gamma of the photo with BCG corrections. Images need to be very effective because they are heard the way they look. Level and Curve Tool serves the purpose by providing color correction tool for the photo. Add an extra edge to your photos with the preloaded effects like Blur, Colorize, Feather, Opacity, Crop, Rotate, Glow, Shadow and Outline. Smart Snip helps you to perfect your adjustments. Achieve it by using Crop Feature. Photo Editing becomes matter of few clicks. It’s indeed easy and fast!

System Requirements:
- Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz Processor and above
- 1 GB RAM (2GB Recommended)
- 1 GB free disk space
- Microsoft Windows XP (service pack 2) and above

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