ShoeMaker is the design tool for creating realistic 3D concept designs for commercial approval, which incorporates the upper and sole design within a single environment. All combined tools allow you to quickly and easily produce 3D concept designs that can be rendered or prototyped.

Delcam CRISPIN ShoeMaker Pro is the easy to use and learn solution for concept footwear design and sole/mould engineering. ShoeMaker Pro incorporates the Delcam PowerSHAPE Pro tribrid modelling kernel, with advanced 3D engineering functionality for producing accessories, sole units, heels and moulds, plus functionality for morphing, texture wrapping and EVA grading. ShoeMaker Pro is the only 3D CAD solution that integrates the last upper and sole in the same single environment. ShoeMaker Pro replaces Delcam CRISPIN ShoeDesign and SoleEngineer as the product of choice for 3D concept footwear design and sole unit engineering

Delcam CRISPIN provide solutions for....
Scanning lasts, or feet to produce custom-fitting shoes
Last engineering and grading, with outputs for CAM.
Concept footwear design and modelling, sole unit engineering, grading and machining
Pattern development, grading and assessment.
Pallet engineering and layouts for auto-stitching machines
Producing technical manufacturing specifications.
Nesting & cutting pattern parts.
Footwear costing
Projection nesting and leather cutting.

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