Debenu PDF Aerialist 13

Unlock new capabilities within Acrobat® using this awesome plug-in. Created for power PDF users, Debenu PDF Aerialist 13 helps you work incredibly efficiently to prepare documents for exchange, archives, submission and publishing.

With advanced tools for splitting, merging, stamping, bookmarks and hyperlinks, it’s a savior if you’re waist-deep in documentation.

New features of PDF Aerialist 13 include imposition, booklet making and form-field merging. It now fully supports Acrobat 9, 10 and 11 on both Mac and Windows, and as always performs to the highest quality and validation standards.

So if you work in a government agency or an industry like legal, finance, pharmaceutical, IT or publishing – don’t work harder than you have to. Get Debenu PDF Aerialist 13 to shoulder your workload today.
Key Features

The features of Debenu PDF Aerialist 13 are listed below:
1.Advanced converting, merging and splitting
Split by anything — pages, page ranges, bookmarks and page marks, while retaining cross-document linking. Convert and merge different files types — DOC, PDF, XLS, EPS, etc — in one step.
2.Headers, footers, watermarks, bates numbering
Insert permanent text, numbers and images anywhere on the page, including behind and in front of existing page content.
3.PDF Bookmarks
Generate bookmarks based on headings and font styles.
4.Insert Destination Offset for Bookmarks
Restore mismatched or broken bookmarks that have occurred as a result of adding or deleting pages in a PDF
5.Audit PDF Links and PDF Bookmarks
Check and report on bookmarks and links across pages, between documents and to Web pages.
6.Automatic Keyword Linking in PDF Files
Turn every occurrence of a word or phrase in a PDF into an active hyperlink in a single operation.
7.Automatic Page Linking in PDF Files
Automatically generate links to any page numbers. Select a section of a page or document – like an index or table of contents – and automatically add links from all numbers to the corresponding page in the document.
8.Automatic Table-of-Contents Generation in PDF Files
Build hyperlinked tables of contents for individual documents or collections of documents automatically, working from document metadata, heading styles, bookmarks and more.
9.PDF Imposition and Booklet Making (new!)
Choose step and repeat, N-up, 2-up or 4-up to create imposed PDF files that meet your needs. Control sheet size, margins, gutters and printers. Add trim and registration marks, control creep and bleed, and so on.
10.PDF Mail Merge
Mail merge data from CSV or text files into PDF form templates to produce personalized letters, bank statements, invoices and much more.

Download for windows: