[CENTER]DAEMON Tools Lite 2.1

First solution DAEMON Tools for mounting images on a Mac.
Access the available options
Embed Images of the following formats:........... * B5T, B6T *, * bwt, ccd *, * cdi, * am / * cue, ape * / * cue, flac * / * cue, *. iso, *. isz, *. mds / * mdf., * mdx., *. nrg, *. pdi, *. dmg, *. vhd.
Use the list of drives with mounted image (all formats) in the Finder under the category drives
Look at the history of recent embedded images to
Use System Hotkeys for binding and ejection
Use the options Autostart and Automount
Receive automatic notifications of updates
Insert a DVD-Region for a drive
The number of integrated devices is no longer limited.

Lang: Multi
Size: 3 MB
Format: .app
Hoster: Uploaded

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