CyberLink PowerDirector 10 build 1005

CyberLink PowerDirector 10 build 1005 | 582 Mb

CyberLink PowerDirector - Magic Video Editing for Creating Dynamic Movies, Edit videos and slideshows automatically with stunning titles, effects, and transitions, Quickly fix and improve videos with magic enhancement tools, Achieve the results you want with advanced editing features including key frame PiPs and menu editor, Import from high-def camcorders to create high-def movies, Publish directly to the web on Streamload or YouTube. CUDA acceleration support.

* Major new features CyberLink PowerDirector 8 include:
* The effects of particles
* Fully customizable effects, which allow you to add arbitrary objects of particles (snow, dust, falling objects, etc.) over the video.
* Improved editor slideshow
* Fully customizable camera, 3D, allocation and movement through the slideshow editor.
* Advanced tools for improving video
* Use of work with video for cropping, rotation, change the speed or reverse playback.
* Fixes and improvements through video stabilization, adjust the lighting and improve the quality of video technology TrueTheater.
* The use of noise removal in video and audio files, removing ambiguities video and audio.
* More powerful and user-friendly editing environment
* Ability to use up to nine effects ICC over your master video.
* Adding additional music tracks on the timeline that allows for up to three separate music tracks in the video simultaneously.
* Fully extensible user interface in accordance with the specific needs editing.
* Use the form guide to better management of personal multimedia libraries.
* View the video on full screen in the viewing of multimedia.
* View the video on a separate display device or video camera when you switch on dual display.
* Use the range selection for selection of segments of the media on the timeline for kopirvoaniya or remove them from the project.
* Use the grid lines to assist in the precise placement of ICC and multimedia titles.
* New workspace
* New, easy-to-use workspace, which makes finding videos much faster.
* Optimize CPU / GPU provides high-speed processing of HD video.
* New functions to create a disk
* New user interface.
* Adding multiple titles at the video created by the disc.
* Create a Slideshow
* View the entire structure of the disc.
* Multi-level menus, as well as easier to use and powerful editor of the menu.
* Faster and easier loading effects and templates from the Web site DirectorZone.
* Load effects ICC, templates, titles, particle effects and DVD menu templates from the Web site DirectorZone.
* Fully integrated into CyberLink PowerDirector user interface for faster and easier than searching and loading effects and templates.
* Total access to editable projects with other countries through the Web site DirectorZone, to help other users.
* Automatically shutdown your computer
* Automatically shutdown your computer after creating a video or recording it to disk to save energy.


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