Cinch 1.1.2

Cinch gives you simple, mouse or trackpad-driven window management
by defining the left, right, and top edges of your screen as 'hot zones'.
Drag a window until the cursor enters one of these zones then drop the window to have it cinch into place. Cinching to the left or right edges of
the screen will resize the window to fill exactly half the screen,
allowing you to easily compare two windows side-by-side (splitscreen). Cinching to the top edge of the screen will resize the window to fill the
entire screen (fullscreen). Dragging a window away from its cinched
position will restore the window to its original size.

What's New in Version 1.1.2
• IMPROVED: OS X 10.9 compatibility.

Lang: Englisch
Size: 4 MB
Format: .app
Hoster: Uploaded

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