CGmasters - Environment Modeling and Texturing (Blender 2.5)
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Genre: eLearning / Blender

The author of the lesson will guide you through the stages of modeling, texturing, and setting light to create scenes of an abandoned warehouse. You will learn how to create a realistic environment using a new version of Blender 2.5. The lesson is very intense and is not intended for those who have just begun to deal with Blender.


1. Tool Overview
- Customizing Blender 2.5's Interface
- Loop Cuts and Knife Cuts
- Edge Split Modifier
- Converting Linked Duplicates
- Baking Normal Maps
- Baking Ambient Occlusion Maps
- Using Stencil Maps for Splatting
- Selection Tools in Photoshop
- Snapping in Blender
- Using Clip Alpha
2. Modeling the Base Environment
3. Unwrapping the Environment
4. Environment Destruction
5. More Construction
6. Environment Texturing and Materials
7. More Texturing and Details
- Creating Damaged Wall Decals
8. Making the Props (listed on the left)
9. Lighting and World Settings
- Adding Lamps
- Creating Mist/Fog
- Using Ambient Lighting
10. Light Maps
11. Final Details
- Adding HDR filter
- Adding Depth of Field (DOF)


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