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Thread: Callas PDF Tool Box only software without medicine

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    Callas PDF Tool Box only software without medicine

    PHP Code:
    Download Link:

    Version 7.0.251
    Release date: 2013-10-02

    Upgrade to pdfToolbox 7 Desktop requires upgrade fee for owners of a pdfToolbox 4, 5 or 6 Desktop license

    Upgrade to pdfToolbox 7 Desktop free of charge for owners of a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for pdfToolbox 6 Desktop


    New internal engine for rendering, transparency flattening, optimization and creation of PS/EPS

    New internal engine for font handling

    Checkpoint for pdfToolbox 7 Server

    Ability to interactively review and modify PDF files during Server and CLI processing

    Also supported by a new Switch Configurator

    New and enhanced Profiles

    All PDF/A-1 and PDF/X-1 and -3 based Profiles:

    Flatten transparency: “Convert text to outline” option has been deactivated by default

    All GWG2012-Profiles:

    Replaced existing check for ICC-profile version with 2 new profiles to enhance reporting

    Modified check: Transparency blend color space not DeviceGray or DeviceCMYK in softmask of type Luminosity

    Settings in Custom Fixups will override settings from automatically generated Fixups from Standard-Conversion (Wizard)

    New and enhanced Fixups

    Flatten Transparency (all Fixups)

    “Preserve Overprints” works also on pages that do not contain transparency

    “Convert text to outline” option has been deactivated by default

    Set transparency property for page objects (filled or stroked)

    Remove all object level XMP metadata [FP22876, FP17553]

    Convert page into image: extended settings so that it is now e.g. possible to convert those pages that have certain problems

    Crop images to visible area (hard remove image areas, thereby making the PDF smaller and avoid unnecessary hits for hidden objects)

    Crop page to visible page area improved because the page area is now determined based on rendered page

    Enlarge page by adding space to a defined edge [FP22179]

    Outline page geometry boxes [CA1021680]

    Remove objects based on check for objects [FP21956]

    Remove all objects using Registration color inside TrimBox

    Remove all objects using spot color with specified name

    Set MIME type entry for embedded files (for PDF/A-3)

    Add Modification Date to an embedded file's Params dictionary (for PDF/A-3)

    Convert page into image (extended settings)

    Convert page content into CMYK image (150 ppi, high JPEG quality)

    New and enhanced Checks

    Effective text x-height is below 0.9 / 1.2 mm

    ToUnicode CMap has syntax problems

    Line width is 0 pt [FP22452]

    New Properties in order to determine possible PDF version entries in a PDF file

    Acrobat Extension Level

    Developer names in Extension dictionary

    Developer Extension Level BaseVersion does not match Version entry in Catalog

    Value of version in PDF header his lower than Version entry in Catalog

    Version entry in Catalog

    New and enhanced Reports

    Compare: PDF separations can be compared, e.g. in order to convert only black (only text) or only CMY (ignoring black text) [FP21284]

    Overview-Report customizable based on HTML-template (available in Server and CLI; Windows and MacOS only)

    New an enhanced actions in CLI

    Duplicate pages [FP22103]

    pdfToolbox Standal

    Added update notification and direct download link for latest version (MacOS and Windows)

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    mac version demo - only software without medicine

    says mac and pc, but here is the link to the mac version demo

    Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.
    needs an activation code, so only a patch will do, or a proper email/license combo.
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