BS.Player Pro 2.64 Build 1073 Final

Professional version of a multimedia player with support for skins. BSPlayer can play almost all modern formats. Very neprityazatelen to the hardware resources. Supports skins, play-lists and subtitles (made in almost all known programs), the time of subtitles, image scaling, external sources of sound and S / PDIF output for AC3 files. There is also support Pan-scan (standard and manual modes), the function of progressive rendering, to get rid of vypadaniya frame, frame capture, equalizer, support for IR remote controls (WinLIRC), bookmarks and accelerated / delayed viewing.

It has a fairly powerful in terms of functional capacity: Plays all popular audio and video formats (including DVD); internet broadcasting television and radio, support for subtitles, fully customizable interface, multilingual, a decent set of settings ...

Now with full support for Windows Vista. More: Significant improvement in the subtitle, the opportunity to start anew, or to view from where left off last time when viewing the DVD, correct errors.

Main features of BS.Player are:

* Sound Equalizer
* Fully skinnable windows (Media list, Play list, Equalizer)
* Bookmarks support (add, edit)
* Chapters support (create, move to, skip)
* Custom aspect ratios
* Multiple audio stream switching
* Frame capture (video to picture)
* Plugin support (Winamp DSP plugins and others)
* Multilingual interface
* Fast forward and fast rewind option
* Frame stepping (playback video frame at a time)
* WinLIRC support (user defineable remote controllers)
* Support switching between multiple (different language) subtitles
* Pan-scan and custom pan-scan option
* Support for multiple audio streams and switching between them
* Every action can also be assigned to WinLIRC button
* Playback of incomplete AVI files and locked files (files in use, files still downloading or recording)
* Command line support (for example "bsplayer.exe movie.avi -fs" will start playback of movie in full screen mode)
* Support a lot of subtitles formats (MicroDVD, SubRip, Subviewer...), custom subtitles position, color, font, transparency...
* BSI/INI files support and dynamic DirectShow filters loading (so everything can be burned on CD and played without installing anything)
* Almost every action can be assigned to user selected key (even keys) and different keys can be assigned for full screen and windowed mode
* Support for all popular media formats (audio and video): divx, avi, mpeg 1, mpeg 2, xvid, 3ivx, ogm, matroska, asf, wmv, DV, m1v, m2v, Quicktime mov, mp4, mpv, QT, Real rm, SWF, vob, wav, mpa, mp1, mp2, mp3, ogg, aac, ac3, aif, ram, wma...

BSPlayer 2.64 - improved compatibility with Windows 8 Metro

- problem with Windows 8 Metro applications
- new renderer for Windows 8 N versions, it is also supported on other versions
(Windows XP+)
- some other minor bug fixes
BS.Player Pro 2.64 Build 1073 Final + keygen-CORE : 10.5 MB
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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. pleaseĀ Register to gain full access.