BrowserBackup Professional 9.0 Final | 4 Mb

Nice tool for making backup of some browsers (Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Firefox).
BrowserBackup is one powerful Windows software solution designed with a single goal in mind: help users back up browser data in a very quick way.

The program’s GUI is actually a step-by-step wizard, which means both beginners and those more experienced should use it just fine, mostly thanks to plenty of details provided all the time.

Before creating a new backup, BrowserBackup prompts users to select the target browser, which can be Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Chromium.

The application automatically scans the computer and finds the available profiles, but you can also define custom profiles by inputting the browser folder, preferences file and email and RSS feeds content.

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What’s more, BrowserBackup enables you to pick the items to back up, which can be almost any type of data available in your browser, such as bookmarks, cookies, extensions, history, passwords, search engines, dictionaries, user styles and certificates settings.

Next, just pick an output folder and you’re ready to go. BrowserBackup saves files anywhere on your computer, but you can easily take the backup with you wherever you go and even restore it on a different computer.

The process is very fast and BrowserBackup doesn’t affect the overall system performance, running smoothly on all Windows workstations without the need for special privileges.

All things considered, BrowserBackup is clearly a very effective product that works flawlessly on any Windows iteration and, what’s more, it supports the most popular browsers out there. A comprehensive help manual to lend a hand to rookies could help a lot however.

Here are some key features of "BrowserBackup":
· Create backup
· Restore backup
· Custom elements for Backup
· Encription and password protection for backups
· Variable compresion rate, with four options.
· View backup information
· Activate sounds or disable
· Multi-User=0 or custom directories (Opera only)
· Open browser it from the selected profile
· Delete cache and profile from the selected profile
· Run Opera in Safe-Mode (Opera only)
· Remove files of the browser from BrowserBackup menu

· Added support for Opera Blink (Opera +15)
· Added .Net runtime 4.5 support
· Main window is loaded a bit more faster now
· Some graphics inconsistencies was fixed
· Removed Cloud-backup support (It doesn't had the success I expect when it was released in 2011)
· Drag and drop bbf/zip/rar file improved and load backup file from his extension (bbf) works beter now
· Added language chinese
· Languages english and spanish was updated with few corrections
· Some small bugs are fixed

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