Bloom 1.0.773 (x64)

Bloom is a fast, light-weight, cross-platform procedural graphics editor that lets you tweak any action you have ever performed - organized by layer. Beautifying images is a somewhat common practice, but you need to have the right tools at hand if you want to optimize your work.

Bloom is an image processor that works with multiple layers in order to provide non-destructive processing solutions. This way, you can make use of the plethora of available tools while knowing that you can adjust their effect later on without having to redo the entire process.

Main Features:
• Seamless vector and raster
• True non-destructive editing
• 16-bit-per-channel everything
• Best-in-class PSD importer
• Layer blending effects
• Digital tablet support

• Bloom seamlessly integrates both vector and raster editing, automatically converting between the two as necessary. This not only makes it extremely versatile and suitable for any taks from interface design to photo retouching, but also lets you apply purely raster effects and filters to vector shapes without losing any vector data.
• Bloom is the first editor to allow true non-destructive editing. Every filter, effect, brush stroke or vector edit you apply is stored separately, and nothing is baked in. This allows you to come back to anything you've done in the past and adjust it - without redoing all of the subsequent work. Even brush strokes are editable after you've drawn them!
• Bloom is a purely 16-bit per channel application. Everything, including images, shape colors, masks, and any other color data is stored with 16 bits per channel. This means you never lose precision and color accuracy, allowing for the most vibrant and precise images to be created.
• Unlike many other apps that claim to import Adobe Photoshop PSD file, yet import minimal information, Bloom imports practically everything. Not only does Bloom's PSD importer support layers and groups, it also imports masks on both of them, layer blending modes, and even layer blending effects - on both layers and groups!
• Bloom features a full suite of blending effects, including drop shadows, inner and outer glows, stroking, inner shadows, and bevelling. These versatile effects allow you to easily edit layer shapes without changing layer style, as well as help with compatibility with other applications.
• Bloom features excellent digital tablet support, recoginizing the drawing vs. the eraser tip of the brush, pen pressure, and scene scrolling with the digital pen alone. Brush settings also support ability to control aspects such as opacity, size, and any other setting with pen pressure - all customizable by you.

Features Include:
• First Completely Non-Destructive Editing Workflow
• Vector Shapes & Editing
• Raster Image Editing
• Universal 16 bits Per Channel Support
• Best-in-Class Adobe Photoshop™ PSD File Importer/Exporter with Layers, Groups, Masks, and Layer Blending Styles
• Group and Layer Blending Styles
• Optimized for Large Files
• Digital Drawing Tablet Support
• OS X, Windows and Linux
• Editable Liquify and Brush Strokes
• Standard Photo Editing Tools and Filters
• Customizable Guides and Rulers
• Adobe Photoshop™ Brush(ABR) and Shape(CSH) Libraries Import
• Custom Channels Creation & Editing
• Customizable User Interface

These amazing features are just the tip of the iceberg. Integrating all of them to work together creates an unparalleled application, that, when mixed in with our unique procedural approach results in a truly first-of-its kind, next generation graphics editor. There's even more features than we describe here, such as live, on-canvas Liquify tool, layer masks, paint mask mode, customizable shape, gradient, brush and layer style libraries, and more.

What's New in Version 1.0.773 :

- Added an initial version of an OpenEXR exporter.
- Added the ability to draw arrows at the start and end of the lines and multilines.
- Holding Shift now allows vector control points to snap when using the Vector Edit tool.
- Fixed cases where the application would crash while shutting down on OS X.
- Fixed cases where moving vector control points with keyboard arrow keys would not work.
- Fixed cases where inserting a new vector control point would fail.
- Fixed cases where selecting a vector control point could cause it to snap incorrectly.
- Fixed cases where saving a text layer with no text would load a "__none__" text instead.
- Fix Level operator knobs losing focus when the mouse is dragged outside of the knob region.
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