BitRecover PDF Split Wizard 3.0

If you handle PDF files on a regular basis or as part of your job, you probably understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. BitRecover PDF Split Wizard is one of the applications that can come in handy in the situation depicted above, as it can help you split large PDF files into smaller ones without significant efforts.

PDF Split Features

Include Split into single pages option
The tool offers multiple PDF separation options to perform Adobe PDF split document with high quality. One of the option which is mostly used by many users is Split into single pages option which allow to split PDF document into multiple single pages. That one PDF document will be divided like PDF 1, PDF 2 etc.

Offer Split by Page Range option
This option allows to enter the range of particular page and split PDF accordingly. Choose the option as per requirements and divide PDFs into multiple pages without Acrobat. After selecting the starting and the ending range of the page, the tool will instantly perform to break up pages in pdf file according to that range. For example, you have selected 10th page of PDF and 17th in the end range, the tool will create a PDF file from 10th to 17th of the PDF document.

Allow to save resultant data at desired location
Once you select the PDF file for division and click on Split option using Adobe Split program, then a box will be displayed which facilitates to save divide pdf pages at required location. The tool will allow you to browse the location and choose the destination path as per need and save the Adobe PDF file after breaking the Adobe PDF file.

Created the same folder name
The name of folder which will created before the task will remain same after you will split Adobe document. Moreover, when you open the folder after performing the task then all the PDF files get arranged in ascending order like PDF1, PDF2, PDF3, PDF4, PDF5 and etc.

Provide Split by odd/even pages option
PDF Split for Windows include Split by Odd/Even pages option which will split PDF into multiple files Adobe Reader according to the odd and even number of pages. This option will make separate PDF file of odd number PDF pages and separate PDF file of even number PDF pages.

Batch PDF split in Adobe
PDF Split for Windows provide two options to extract Adobe files for division i.e. Select File and Select Folder. If you click on “Select File” option, the tool will allow splitting one pdf file into multiple pages. And if you choose “Select Folder” option, then the tool enables to select the complete PDF folder and split up in separate pages. There is no limitation related with the application, number of Adobe Acrobat PDF files can be divided into different pages in a single click.

Split password protected PDF files
If any PDF file is restricted with owner level password, then PDF Split utility will unlock the password and perform the task. If you have multiple restricted PDF file and you want to split them up in a single time, then the tool will quickly remove owner password and split Adobe document without reducing the quality of the content, image or any other data present in PDF file.

Unlimited Split PDF- no size limit
The tool has no file size limitation. You can split Adobe document of any size without any loss of data. You can split large size PDF file in single attempt with high quality of data. Moreover, the original formatting and their properties will remain intact throughout the process.

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