Backdrop Designer 1.5.1

Backdrop Designer opens the way for a new, more powerful workflow. Combine Backdrop with Primatte Chromakey, our powerful greenscreen masking software, for more flexibility. You can also use Texture Anarchy
as a companion tool to create more sophisticated patterns.
Our Adobe Photoshop plugins eliminate the need for expensive
physical drapery and props, and expand your ability to create
the perfect photograph for your client.

Gives photographers and artists a flexible, inexpensive way to put
beautiful digital backgrounds in their projects. For photographers,
use Backdrop Designer to work with your client or model after the photoshoot, with hundreds of digital backdrops to choose from.
For layout, Backdrop Designer lets you add an interesting
digital background for PowerPoint presentation when you don’t
have the time to create your own. Choosing a visual theme for
your presentation is important and this lets you quickly design
compelling looks.

Format: .dmg
Lang: Englisch
Size: 23 MB
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