AxCrypt Premium / Business 2.1.1585.0 Multilingual

File encryption application that uses the AES algorithm with 128-bit keys and that integrates within Windows Explorer context menus. AxCrypt is a software that enables you to easily encrypt files and folders. It's essential when you are sharing your computer with multiple users and want to maintain your privacy.

Strong encryption
File security with 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption.

Cloud storage awareness
Automatically secure your files in Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

AxCrypt speaks English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Polish and more to come.

Allow secured files to be opened by other AxCrypt users with their own password.

Password management
Manage and access your passwords seamlessly wherever you are.

AxCrypt Mobile
Open your encrypted files on your phone.

Release Notes:
#206: Invitation dialog
#226: Remove from Recent Files list options are enabled when file is open and decrypted
#266: Add possibility to remove key sharing recipients from the list of known recipients
#349: Drag and dropped files to recent files do not display decrypted file name
#369: Info dialog about opening without asking is displayed even when asking for file password
#374: Update copyright year in about
#388: Max button size is too small
#423: Enable ‘Change Password’ even when signed out.
#431: Desktop notification when a lengthy operation has completed.
#433: Warning popup when skipping ignored files
#441: Enable open file while logged out
#442: Update Code Signing certificate
#445: When inviting users, allow the inviter to select recipient language
#446: When inviting a user, a free-text-field should be included for a personal message
#447: Help button missing in initial information signup dialog
#448: Password reset disabled after local reset
#449: Should hide/remove the share key icon after encrypting a file in the recent files tab.
#450: Key share icon should display in recent files tab once key share the file.
#451: Get premium/Try premium text should be translated when changing the languages.
#453: ArgumentOutOfRangeException when using close(x) icon to close the app startup alert popups
#456: Do not allow the user to exit the AxCrypt app when encrypted files are pending.
#458: Error message should be displayed when the entered activation code is wrong
#53: Translations and texts maintenance
Requirements: AxCrypt for Windows requires Windows Vista SP2 w/.NET 4.5 or later.

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Download AxCrypt Premium / Business 2.1.1585.0 Multilingual + Cracked.eXe | 8.51 MB
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