Avanquest Learn It Now Spanish Premier 1.0.82

Bienvenidos from Learn It Now! Experience for yourself how fun and easy it is to learn Spanish with Learn It Now. Complete with interactive lessons, games and activities, you’ll feel confident with your new Spanish language skills in as little as 30 days - guaranteed! The Complete Language Learning Software
- FAST! Speak Spanish Confidently in 30 Days-Guaranteed!
- EASY! 3 Ways to Learn – Software, Audio MP3 Lessons, iPad/ iPhone exercises
- COMPLETE! For All Levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
* COMPREHENSIVE! Great for Travel, Business or Personal Use

This groundbreaking software is perfect for beginner, intermediate or advanced speakers looking to build vocabulary, learn common phrases and expressions or perfect an accent. Whether you’re learning Spanish for travel, business, school or personal use, this award-winning language learning software will help you become fluent faster than you ever thought possible.

3 Easy Ways to Learn
With 3 convenient way to learn, it's easy to become proficient in Spanish using Learn It Now.

1. Software
- Learn Spanish on a PC or Mac
- Get started fast with a guided software product tour
- Includes interactive games & activities, flash cards, speech analysis tools and more!

2. Audio MP3 Lessons
Master your speaking skills on the go with a complete Spanish audio course.

3. Innovative iPhone & iPad App
Practice your vocabulary with both audio & pictures. Test your proficiency with word lists that match the software.

Interactive Games
From puzzles to plug-n-play games, Learn It Now makes learning Spanish exciting for the entire family!

Play Games and Learn Spanish at the Same Time!
- Dictation
- Reconstruction
- Four Square
- Recognize & Write It
- Language Comparison
- Unscramble
- Produce & Say It
- And More!

Flash Card System
Quickly improve your Spanish speaking skills with this proven learning method.

Learn Hundreds of Vocabulary Words Including:
- Animals
- Meet & Greet
- Cloths
- Nature
- Colors
- Numbers
- Common Verbs
- Office & School
- Family
- Shopping
- Food/Restaurant
- Time
- House/Apartment
- And Much More!

Advanced Speech Analysis
Perfect your Spanish accent with advanced speech analysis tools.

- Pronunciation Game
- Learn From Native Speakers
- Conversation Say Game
- And More!

Spanish Language Resources
In what countries is Spanish spoken? What symbol is used above the letter N? With Learn It Now, not only will you become a fluent Spanish speaker, you’ll also learn the about the language’s special history and unique characteristics. With additional resources that help to guarantee your transformation from novice to confident speaker in just 30 days, it’s no wonder that Learn It Now is known as the most complete language learning software!

- Spanish Accent Marks
- The Role of Gender
- Spanish Contractions
- Formal & Informal Speaking
- Spanish Vowel Pronunciation
- And More!

System Requirements:
- Windows® XP, Vista®, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
- 1 GB RAM
- DVD Drive

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