Avanquest Fix-It Utilities Professional

Fix, Speed Up and Maintain Your PC! Welcome to the unique experience of the newly designed Fix-It Utilities Version 12.

This year’s Fix-It release see exceptional changes to this already successful, award- winning utility title. Still keeping your PC running like new, you can now also enjoy a sleeker redesigned workflow that makes your Fix-It user experience not only easier but more intuitive.

General Features:
- Keeps your PC running like new
- 400% faster registry optimiser
- Intelligently identifies system slowdowns
- Fixes problems and speeds up Windows
- Real-time virus & spyware protection
- Stops PC crashes & freezes

One-Step PC Tool Wizards Make It Easy To Diagnose & Fix Your Computer
- Optimise Wizard optimises your hard drive and system registry for improved system performance.
- Security Wizard detects, remove and immediately protect you from thousands of viruses, spyware and malware threats.
- FixUp Wizard diagnoses system problems, provide Windows registry repair solutions and test your hardware.

Active Intelligence™ Technology-The All-In-One PC Health Tool
Exclusive Active Intelligence silently and automatically monitors and fixes all your PC tune up problems. Active Intelligence tracks hard drive status, available disk space, hard drive fragmentation, registry errors, excess temp files, startup applications and more – 24-7! Significantly improve PC performance by choosing from three easy-to-use modes for a scan and repair plan that best suits your PC work or play habits:

- Scan and Fix: Scan and fix most problems automatically.
- Scan only: Scan and provide results so the user can fix problems manually.
- Manual: User will scan and fix problems manually.

- PROGRAM OPTIMISER accelerates program launch and responsiveness by optimising installed programs, program data and Windows files.
- MEMORY OPTIMISER improves PC performance by modifying page file size and optimising how Windows uses memory.
- WINDOWS OPTIMISER customises the appearance and behavior of Windows settings to provide optimal speed and PC performance.
- INTERNET SPEED OPTIMISER improves high-speed Internet connections, plus accelerates browser, download and Web surfing speeds on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
- DISK DEFRAG defragments the hard drive, optimises file systems and consolidates free space, resulting in increased reliability, performance and faster boot times.
- REGISTRY DEFRAG defragments, reorganises and optimises the Windows registry for optimal speed and accelerated performance.
- REGISTRY CLEANERS accelerates PCs by removing the unnecessary entries from the Windows registry.

Speeds Up Your PC - Start Time, Daily Use and More!
- Disables startup programs to improve Windows boot time.
- Identifies which programs and processes are using the most resources.
- Improves system performance by optimising how Windows uses memory.
- Defragments your hard drive to increase PC performance and reliability.
- Optimises your browser, download and Web surfing speeds.
- Personalises Windows settings for optimal speed and performance.
- PC health overview with easy-to-understand reporting.

Fixes your PC Today and Prevents Problems Tomorrow!
- Disables startup programs to improve Windows boot time.
- Stops PC crashes, freezes and restarts
- Repairs Windows when it won’t load
- Creates a bootable rescue CD in case of a disaster
- Fixes Windows® registry errors
- Repairs broken registry shortcuts
- Early detection system for hard drive problems
- Scans and fixes hard drive errors
- Fixes Windows security vulnerabilities

Cleans Your PC of Performance Robbing Clutter & More!
- Cleans over 100 different types of junk files.
- Removes temporary files that take up valuable space.
- Permanently shreds files using U.S. Department of Defense criteria.
- Securely shreds ALL DOCUMENTS inside your PC’s recycle bin.
- Regains significant hard disk space with a safe and thorough clean up.
- Protects your Web privacy by erasing browser, search and cookie histories.

Protects Your PC with 24/7 Protection against the Latest Threats!
- Detects and removes viruses, spyware and malware
- Prevents rootkits and keyloggers from stealing personal data
- Get real-time protection against any malicious activity
- Provides hourly updates to protect you against the latest threats
- Protects your computer from hackers & intruders

What's New in Version 15:

Cloud-Based Device Manager
Use an online dashboard to view all your PCs, phones and tablets from one place.

Remotely Access & Control Any PC
- Remotely access any PC from anywhere, as if you were in front of it.
- Remotely control all your personal, work and family computers.
- Access everything on the computer, from applications to files.
- Use from any browser on your tablet, phone, PC and Mac.

Speed Up Your PCs from the Web
- Remotely scan and fix all your computers for registry errors, junk files, broken shortcuts and start-up slowdowns.
- Use from any browser on your tablets, phones, PC and Mac.

Locate and Protect Your Mobile Devices
Fix helps you find and recover your lost or stolen mobile device, whether it’s been left at a friend house, store or misplaced in your home.

- Locate your phone on a Google map from any browser.
- Make your mobile device scream when you can’t find it.
- Remotely lock down your device to stop someone from accessing it (Android only).
- Remote wipe your data if your device is lost for good (Only calendar and contact data on iOS devices).
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