Audiofile Engineering Triumph 2.1.1

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A pioneering audio editor and post-production tool. Triumph’s interface organizes everything you need into a single window that
stays out of your way, leaving you free to do what you do best:
design audio. Combine audio of any format, channel count, and
sample rate and add effects and fades. Edit audio using SmartEdits™
and our other powerful tools. Then, “flatten” your file to get a result
that would have been nearly impossible in other editors. Even better,
Layers save you time by keeping everything live and editable until the
final render.

Master more confidently.
Red Book CD burning, our reliable DDP player, industry-best iZotope™ 64-bit SRC™ and MBIT+™ dither and much more.
Design more inspired sound.
Triumph’s patented layers technology lets you create and combine sounds in completely new ways.
Streamline your studio’s workflow.
Fully automate even the most complex engineering tasks using Triumph’s library of over 200 Actions, or use AppleScript to write your own.
Polish up your podcasts.
Triumph’s SmartEdits™ offer more flexible and intuitive editing. Smooth the fades. Automate your effects. EQ the interviews. Make it perfect!

Size: 36,7 MB
Lang: Englisch
Format: .dmg
Hoster: Uploaded

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