App Builder 2019.32 Multilingual

App Builder is a complete visual environment that allow us to create, with or without programming knowledge, HTML5 and hybrid applications for the web and mobile devices.

Visual designer

App Builder provide us dozens of visual and no visual controls ready to be placed in the application's designer. Simply drag and drop the control that you need into the designer and then place it where you wanted.
Visual actions

You don't need to know Javascript to create applications with App Builder. The App Builder's script lenguage are based in hundreds of visual actions that you can simply put in the place that you need to be executed.


The App Builder's applications can be extended using Javascript in addition to the visual actions provided by the program. Also it's possible to use App Builder's Javascript plugins and Apache Cordova™ plugins.
Apache Cordova™

Talking about Apache Cordova™, App Builder prepare the appropiate configuratoin file as well BAT files ready to be executed to compile our applications for Android™ and other supported platforms.

App Builder CLI

App Builder include a command line compiler in addition with the visual environment. In this way we can compile our applications from the command line, simply and fast.

And many more...

App Builder is a complete development environment. Can creates HTML5 applications ready to be executed in desktop and mobile browsers. In addition with Apache Cordova™, we have all the required stuff to create applications to other platforms like Android™.

Whats New :

* Generate SHELL files for the Cordova's Electron platform. This has not been tested yet, but App Builder generate SHELL files for the Electron platform, in the same way that generates it for the iOS platform, in order to be used in a Mac OS computer.
* New Windows sign options for the Cordova's Electron platform. We can now specify a certificate file and their right password in order to sign our debug and release app and app's installer executable files.
* Prepare specific icons for the Cordova's Electron platform, and include that icons reference in the Cordova's configuration file.
* Fix a bug with the sign JSON file for the Cordova's Android platform. The bug only appear if we use differents key store files for debug and release: now the specified debug and release key store files are used.
* Remove the cordova-plugin-whitelist for all the Cordova's platforms except Android and Amazon FireOS. In fact this plugin is only required for the referred platforms, but, until now, we are including it (this do not cause any problem) in other platforms too.
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