Antamedia Internet Cafe Software 8.0.2 Final

This is the best internet cafe software in the market.. Internet Cafe Software That is Leading the Industry.

Controls and secures your cyber cafe, gaming center, public computers. Bill your customers for the Internet, games, apps, printing, VOIP calls, WiFi and sell POS items. No ads for visitors. Internet Cafe provides all the features you need to run a successful gaming center or an Internet cafe. It does not annoy your customers with forced advertisements. It makes them enjoy and come back.

Windows based with full support
Use any Windows PC to install software. Developed on Windows 7, our software ensures compatibility from XP to latest Windows versions. Install server part on your central computer from which you want to control all other clients computers.

Number of Clients (Simultaneous Users)
Each License includes a Server and specified number of client computers. You can add more clients to any edition on a buy page. If you have 10 computers, 5 consoles, and wish to control 15 WiFi users, you need a license for 30 clients.

- Collecting payment from your customers
- Manage users, computers, devices
- Collecting usage information and statistics
- Maximize your productivity
- Customize the look and feel
- Market your business
- Monitor and Secure Your Network
- Easily set up extra features

Who's using Internet Cafe Software:

Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe
Our software helps you easily start and grow. Maintain customer accounts, accept credit card payments with 100% of profits, store billing data, statistics and usage reports, all within a single application. Build your WiFi and wired network with any hardware you already own.

Hotel WiFi, Resort, Hospitality
Offer your computers to customers and configure available Internet and office programs, games, or bill them for VOIP calls. Comply with anti-terrorism lows by recording every customer session time, IP, MAC, and URLs visited. Offer free Internet, paid, or both, our software takes care of customer Internet use through WiFi, room cable, mobile phones.

University, School, Library
Educational institutions grants students and visitors limited access, usually monthly renewable and with daily limitations. Block access to adult websites, monitor users with remote desktop control, limit bandwidth per user, track usage logs and get real-time statistics.

Bill your customers for Internet use or paying games while they wait in your premise. With unique capability to control remote clients over the Internet, you can install client computers all over the city, country or wordwide.

Game Center, Gaming Center
Configure games available to customers, easily control Internet use, create complex price plans, maintain customer accounts and get robust reports on game statistics, billing, usage, bandwidth, URL logs. It supports wired and wireless connections and it’s hardware independent.

Restaurant, Cafe, Retail
Increase your revenue and customer loyalty by offering free Internet, offer Hi-Speed access for larger orders, or VIP Internet access for regular customers. Software automatically stores customer details and visited URLs and fully comply with anti-terrorism Pisanu Law and EU DIRECTIVE 2006/24/EC.

Companies, Government
Control printing, remotely shutdown, monitor users with remote desktop control, reduce bandwidth requirements, log visited URLs, prevent personal Internet use during working hours by limiting access to YouTube, Facebook, and other websites you define.

Airport Business Centers
Provide print services, office programs, WiFi connectivity, VOIP calls for people on the move. Help them do the business remotely, print-out documents, handle reservation systems, check weather forecasts.

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Antamedia Internet Cafe Software 8.0.2 + Loader : 58.68 MB
Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.
Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.