Agisoft PhotoScan Professional 1.4.1 Build 5925

Agisoft PhotoScan is an advanced image-based 3D modeling solution aimed at creating professional quality 3D content from still images. Based on the latest multi-view 3D reconstruction technology, it operates with arbitrary images and is efficient in both controlled and uncontrolled conditions. Photos can be taken from any position, providing that the object to be reconstructed is visible on at least two photos. Both image alignment and 3D model reconstruction are fully automated.

Main Features
• Aerial and close-range triangulation
• Point cloud generation (sparse / dense)
• Polygonal model generation (plain / textured)
• Setting coordinate system
• Digital Elevation Model (DEM) generation
• True orthophoto generaton
• Georeferencing using flight log and / or GCPs
• Multispectral imagery processing
• 4D reconstruction for dynamic scenes
• Python scripting support

Version 1.4.1 build 5925 (26 February 2018)

Standard and Professional editions
Added JPEG 2000 image format support.
Added Tie points masking option to Align Photos command.
Added Alembic format support for Import/Export Cameras command.
Added Autodesk FBX format support for Export Cameras command.
Added Merge command for models and dense clouds in the same chunk.
Added Australis 7 format support for calibration import/export.
Added support for changing file extensions with Change Path command.
Added Adaptive camera model fitting option to Optimize Cameras command.
Added Ignore masked image regions option to Estimate image quality command.
Added Undistort photos command to Batch process.
Added EXIF meta data support for PNG images.
Added Italian translation.
Professional edition
Added MicaSense DLS sensor support.
Added support for GPS meta data import from GoPro mp4 videos.
Added customizable palette for DEMs.
Added multispectral support for mesh vertex colors.
Updated Parrot Sequoia multispectral camera support.
Updated PAT-B export to generate complete project file.
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