Ace Utilities 5.6.1 Build 269 Final

Ace Utilities is an award winning collection of tools to optimize your PC's performance. It allows you to find and remove the junk files in your PC, invalid registry entries, delete your internet usage history, provides plug-in support to erase the usage history for over 200 third-party applications, manage your cookies and much more. With a detailed startup- manager you can see what all programs, services, drivers, etc start automatically with Windows and optionally disable them. Furthermore, Ace Utilities also includes options to find true duplicate files, fix or remove broken shortcuts and to uninstall software completely. Other features include secure file deletion, disk space analysis, an empty-folder finder and more.

• The most advanced registry cleaner to clean windows registry.
• Clean unneeded junk, temp and obsolete files from your disks using disk cleaner.
• Clean browser and application history, cache, temp files, cookies etc.
• Control the applications that start automatically with Windows, using startup organizer.
• Fix broken start menu and desktop shortcuts.
• Remove true duplicate files.
• Uninstall applications correctly.
• Two modes - expert and normal.
• User friendly, stable and safe.
• Much more utilities...

• Optimize, speed up and cleanup your system.
• Prevent application crashes.
• Load windows faster.
• Run applications smoothly.
• Protect your privacy and security.
• Regain disk space.
• Block spyware, trojans, adware,etc.
• Fix certain application errors.
• No need to spend too much time, do it ultra fast.
• Understand your computer better.
• Maintain your system like new.
• Runs much more quickly than others in its class, very safe

What's new in version 5.6.1:

- Added status update for scanning by 'Fix Invalid Shortcuts' tool.
- Added more checks in 'Fix Invalid Shortcuts'.
- Added option to find 'duplicate folders' in 'Find Duplicate Files' tool.
- Added several new plug-ins and updated some existing ones.
- Added option to clean indexed databases in the Chrome and the Firefox browsers.
- Added option to clean favicons database in the Chrome browser.
- Updated history cleaning for Opera browser v24.
- Cookie Manager now indicates which browsers have cookies present for a given URL.
- Added option to remove 'site preferences' in Firefox browser which can save some history of visited URLs.
- Added progress indicator in the taskbar while 'Erase Your History' perform a cleaning/analysis.
- 'Erase Your History' now cleans other users' Internet Explorer browser cookies while deleting history.
- Updated ignore lists.
- Updated 'Remove Junk File' tool's drive list user interface; added new theme.
- Updated Registry Backup and Restore (RegBak) tool.
- Updated 'Erase Your History' > 'Misc' to show more items that were ignored previously, like 'Clean Temporary Setup Files' which cleans aborted Windows installations.
- Added 'firewall rule' section cleaning in the 'Clean System Registry'.
- Improved the scanning algorithm in 'Clean System Registry' to avoid certain paths in Windows 8.
- 'Clean system Registry' now finds more errors in the ActiveX section.

- Fixed an issue in Erase Your History' tool where some cleaning functions perform 'secure data wipe' even if the option was to just delete it.
- Fixed error in listing of Firefox LocalStorage cookies.
- Fixed 'program freezing' in the 'Uninstaller Manager' tool when certain 'uninstall strings' are encountered.
- Fixed an issue in the 'Uninstaller Manager' tool where some entries were not launching the uninstaller correctly.
- Fixed a few issues where 'Clean System Registry' was causing errors for MS Office 2013 users.
- Fixed an issue where 'Clean System Registry' was causing an error using a network-ed HP Printer/Scanner.
- 'Clean System Registry' tool is now less aggressive in deleting empty keys in the ActiveX section.
- MS Search plug-in is now not auto-detected. It was resetting Windows search index database.
- Fixed the listing of Erase Your History> Misc > Temporary Files in Windows 8.1. Now it does not appear in the list.
Ace Utilities 5.6.1 Build 269 Final (x86/x64)+ Crack : 13.06 MB
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