1stFlip Flipbook Creator 1.01.154

1stFlip Flipbook Creator for Windows helps you turn static PDF file into digital Flash&HTML5 page-flipping magazines, brochures, catalogs, flyers, presentations, e-books, newspapers, photo albums, etc. One-click upload page-flipping books to 1stFlip server or own web host with the built-in FTP client. Read these flipbooks across desktop, tablets and mobile devices, just like reading real books.

Main Features:
- Create 3D animated page-turning flipping book with PDF files on Windows.
- Publish HTML5 flipbook available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
- Edit flipping pages with customizable templates and built-in scenes.
- Get offline flipbooks in html, zip, exe and app format.
- Upload html flipbook to own web host directly with the built-in FTP.
- One-click publish flipbook to 1stFlip server.
- Readers can search, select copy and paste flip page contents while reading.
- LAN Preview - allows any device on your Local Area Network to preview flipbook.

Convert PDF to digital page-flipping flipbooks on Windows
1stFlip Flipbook Creator for Windows totally changes the way you view PDF files. As a digital HTML5 and Flash flipbook maker, it allows you to convert static PDF files into digital page flipping magazines, brochures, catalogs, e-books, etc. on your Windows. Click flip button or scroll up and down mouse to turn pages or make the flipbook auto flip, just like you are flipping a real book. Thumbnails window allows you to quickly scan the flipping book.

Publish your flipbooks to a local folder
If your want to read flip books offline or if you want to use your favorite FTP client to transfer the files to the server, you can use the option 'Publish to a local folder'. Convert PDF to offline page-flipping books in 4 formats: exe, zip. html and app. Run .exe flipbook on Windows and .app flipbook on Mac directly. Zip flipbook can be sent via email. View html flipbook offline via browser or upload it to web host.

One-click to upload flipbooks to 1stFlip/your server
Click Upload Online button to one-click upload digital flash/html5 flipping books to 1stFlip server. After uploading, you can manage all flipping books on the Book Management window. Flipbook details like cover, title, page number, size, creation time, URL, etc. are displayed here. One-click share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Copy embed code to webpage or blog. Permission settings allows you designate persons who can see the flipbook. Built-in FTP client enable you to upload flipbook to own server directly without creating local flipbooks first.

Customizable Flipbook templates and dynamic scene
1stFlip flip book software for Windows creates amazing HTML5 and Flash e-books with customizable templates and dynamic scenes. Templates determine how toolbar and icons display on your page-flipping publications and you are free to change them. Create flash page flip books along with logo, background music, thumbnails, zoom button, full screen button, auto flip button, search button, select text button, language switchable toolbar, etc. Built in dynamic scenes are provided for you to choose. You can also set your image and .swf file as flipbook scene.

View flipbook anywhere and anytime
View your Flash&HTML5 page-flipping books on any screen size including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Search and select any text within the flipbook
Search and select flipbook text option makes it extremely easy to obtain useful information from page-flipbooks.

OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Language : English

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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.