1Password 4.1 + iCloud

Have you ever forgotten a password? 1Password can
remember them all for you and keep them secure.
All you need to remember is your Master Password.
1Password allows you to store a lot more than just website logins.
Keep all your important information available at your fingertips.

1Password allows you to organize your data into multiple vaults and
securely share them with others. Use separate vaults to choose
what you share and who you share it with.

◆ Share business logins with your co-workers
◆ Create a family vault to share with your spouse
◆ Distribute encryption keys with your development team
◆ Exchange accounts and documents with your clients
◆ Relieve the burden of estate planning for your loved ones

New in Version 4.1
Top Item List Layout
• Display your items as a multi-column display (View->Item List Layout->Top).
• Sort, order and resize columns to match your needs.

Search All Fields
• Select search by Title or search across All Fields.
• Expand an existing search result to include All Fields if your item is not found.

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• Ability to print an individual item through the Share menu.
• Print your entire list of items through File->Print...

• You can now Tag and assign a Folder when saving a Login from the browser.
• When changing a password you can select whether to save a new Login or update the existing one.
• Redundant generated passwords are now removed after saving or updating a Login.

Custom Password Fields
• Add custom password fields to your items (for example, website security questions).
• Convert existing text fields into concealed password fields.

Adding Support for...
• Yandex Browser.
• Dutch and Afrikaans localization.

• Fixed a problem where, in some cases, 1Password would not automatically detect and sync changes in secondary vaults.
• Fixed problem where WiFi sync would not work when syncing large number of items from the iOS device.
• Fixed problem where sync won't start automatically after items are imported.
• Fixed problem where WiFi sync might duplicate item URLs when a conflict is detected.

• 1Password will now auto-lock on inactivity timeout when computer wakes up from sleep.
• All values copied to clipboard are now marked with org.nspasteboard.ConcealedType (NSPasteboard_org).
• Attachment cache is now cleared when 1Password app is closed.
Format: .dmg
Size: 32 MB
Lang: Multi
Hoster: Uploaded

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