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Thread: What is Prinect Environment

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    What is Prinect Environment

    Heidelberg Prinect Environment, or Service Tools, is a software package getting automatically installed with every installation of any Heidelberg workflow program (Signa Station, Meta Dimension, Prepress Manager, Color Toolbox etc). It is setting up a number of HD enviromnemt variables which are used later on to determine the installation locations for Comman Database, user data folders, service data, configuration folders etc. Some background services are set up as well.
    This installation is regarded as mandatory, and the user has no choice to influence the process somehow except that he is eventually prompted for the preferred locations of data files and an administrator user name for service logon.

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    The following system variables are important:
    HD_STD_USERDATA=D:\ –> Location of Common Services, PTJobs, Hotfixes, Maintenance Center
    HD_STD_USERDATA2=C:\ –> Location of PTConfig, HD_Service

    USERDATA settings actually define fixed locations for your configuration data (PTConfig) and user data (PTJOBS). The really bitchy thing is, that you can not change these two afterwards, e.g. if installing Prepress Manager after the Environment was already set up. Thus, it is very important to understand, that your Common Services and PTJobs would go to the location HD_STD_USERDATA, whereas PTConfig and HD_Service will be installed in HD_STD_USERDATA2.

    So if you are going to install Workflow Manager software on a server with Prinect Environment already set up (i.e. with every new installation of workflow 2013, because you have to install Common Database first!), check these two system variables first of all. You may change them manually, before the installation, but do not try this afterwards!

    More about this at http://prinect.systemservice.at/en/frame.php?p=6&t=3


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