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Thread: Trueflow 7.10 Problems with Snow Leopard.

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    Smile Trueflow 7.10 Problems with Snow Leopard.

    If anyone is having problems out there after upgrading to Snow Leopard 10.6.6 from 10.5.8,, It is definitely a Java Problem. I Fixed 3 Intel macs today by dowgrading Java from 1.6 to 1.42. It fixes the Job Button on the very left not working.. I talked to the Screen Tech support myself for about 30 minutes.. Actually there is a 10.6 utilities folder in the 7.10 version of Trueflow DVD disks. There are both versions 1.42 and 1.50. Snow Leopard installs 1.60 and screws everything up. On that disk is a Apple script that install both of those older versions after unstuffing them to the desktop and double clicking on the apple script file. If successful go to Applications folder > Utilities Folder> Launch Java Preferences App. then drag 1.42 to the very top. Close all apps and restart. And Trueflow will be running like butter again! also will fix many other printing problems to other printers. Seriously! Downgrade Java to 1.42 not 1.5! Not low enough. Hope this helps some of you out there.
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