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Thread: Recommend a website of "URL to PDF Converter"

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    The websites of "URL to PDF Converter"

    ( This is not an advertising post.)

    Once I needed to convert an online webpage to a pdf format.
    The following is the webpage I tested:
    URL: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1728190/000119312519099941/d608852df1a.htm

    I tried a lot of pdf software including Acrobat, Foxit, chrome, wkhtmltopdf and the effect is not very good.
    For example:
    Acrobat will lose hyperlinks; the others will make partial form display incomplete.
    Chrome built-in printing is better, but it also will lose the background color of form.

    So I searched the web to see if there is any website that can perfectly convert the complex online web page.
    And these are the few that I thought to have better conversion after comparing a dozen websites.

    allinpdf: https://allinpdf.com/convert/urlconvert/urlconvert-start
    web2pdfconvert: https://www.web2pdfconvert.com/
    pdfcrowd: https://pdfcrowd.com/#convert_by_url
    pdfmyurl: http://pdfmyurl.com/

    allinpdf: The conversion quality of it is good but unfortunately, there is no custom page feature yet.
    web2pdfconvert: you need set page range before convert (set a large number)
    pdfcrowd /pdfmyurl: both have the watermark.

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    I would appreciate it if anyone can recommend the software that could have a good conversion!
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  3. Junior Member Oldchap is on a distinguished road
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    i'd recommend to use the latest website (pdfcrowd/pdfmyurl) and run a Pitstop script to remove the watermark.

    Easiest way to do it to shrink the page size and set all zones to the new page size.

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