This version replaces the current Prinergy Workflow 8.1.1 version. Prinergy Workflow 8.1.2 contains internal installation improvements. Before you download the installer, refer to the Prinergy 8.1 Release Notes and Fixed bugs in Prinergy Workflow 8.1.2 topic for additional details.

Important: Before upgrading, follow the procedures in SKV articles 73018 and 72791.

Important: Obsolete dongles are to be returned to Kodak within four weeks of upgrading to a release that uses software-based licensing from a dongle-based version. The dongle return form can be found here.

Important: Upgrading to Prinergy 8.1.2 will enable SMB3 on Windows 2012 R2 servers. If you have previously had problems running SMB3 at your site and therefore had it disabled, you will need to open a call with your local support representative to have it disabled again after upgrading.

Important: Before you start your upgrade to Prinergy 8.1.2, read and perform the following actions if upgrading from a Prinergy version earlier than 7.5. (If you are already updated to version 7.5, you can update directly to version 8.1.2.)

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ColorFlow update issues: The ColorFlow database has been restructured in versions 7.5 and later to improve performance. The Prinergy updater will attempt to migrate your existing ColorFlow database to the new schema, but in some cases may fail because of legacy data format issues. Even if you are not an active ColorFlow user, you may be affected by this issue.

If you are a ColorFlow user: Contact your local Customer Engagement Center so they can run a remote Precheck to validate your ColorFlow database, before giving you the go-ahead to proceed with the upgrade. You are required to clean up the number of snapshots in order to avoid failures during the Precheck or Upgrade process; you must reduce the number of snapshots to no more than five. If any additional ColorFlow database maintenance is required, it will be performed before you are given the all-clear to upgrade.

If you are not a ColorFlow user: Perform the following file maintenance before running the Prinergy 7.5 / 7.5.1 / 8.0 / 8.0.2 / 8.1.2 updater: Stop Prinergy, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodak\ColorFlowServer\ColorStore and rename the internal colorstore folder (all lower case) in this directory to colorstore_backup. Then proceed to run the Prinergy updater.

Prinergy Workflow 8.1.2 is the latest release of the software. The Prinergy Workflow 8.1 Release Notes (Cloud Help) contain further details about new features, fixed bugs, and other content in this release, as well as additional details about the licensing process. The Release Notes also list the prerequisites that you should follow before starting the upgrade process.

You may need to free up space or upgrade the hardware and/or software of other installed components before you can upgrade the Prinergy Workflow software. The PreCheck tool for Prinergy Workflow 8.1.2 will help you verify some of the pre-requisites prior to an upgrade. It is also included in the installer. For step by step upgrade instructions, consult the Prinergy Workflow 8.1 Upgrade Guide (Cloud Help).

When you are ready, download the Prinergy Workflow 8.1.2 installer. If you are upgrading from a version earlier than Prinergy Workflow 7.5, you will also need the Oracle 12 64-bit client installer for upgrades to Prinergy Workflow 7.5. Installers for Prinergy components and features that are not included in the Prinergy Workflow upgrade installer (such as Business Link or PLA) can be found here.

The Prinergy Hot Standby with Double-Take 5.3 installer (for Prinergy 7.5 and later on 2008 or 2008 R2) can be found here.

Prinergy Hot Standby with Double-Take 7.1 installer (for Prinergy 7.5 or later on Windows 2012 R2) can be found here.