Prinergy 8.4.0 download

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New Features:--

Bi-directional JDF Connectivity to Canon PRISMAsync ​Print Server mark 7.2
Prinergy Workflow 8.4 introduces bi-directional JDF support for the Océ VarioPrint i-series digital presses, when connected to Canon PRISMAsync Print Server mark 7.2.
Preset selection control within the Digital Output RBA action
A new control has been added to the Digital Output RBA action that allows a user to select an existing Preset, created in the Job Ticket Editor. When used with the digital press it was created for, the Digital Output action will select all the settings found in the Preset for the controls in the Job Ticket Editor during automated output. Overrides can also be used to keep the number of Presets required to a minimum.

Ability to rename page/artwork sets​
Page Sets and Artwork Sets can now be renamed in Prinergy jobs. For more information, please refer to the Renaming Page Sets help topic.
Upgrade Preflight+ to the callas pdfEngine​
callas pdfEngine used in Preflight+ has been updated to version 10.0.474.
New font handling capabilities with FreeType
A new library to provide greater reliability when outlining fonts for trapping, color matching, and output has been integrated into Prinergy 8.4.