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Thread: Prinect 2013 explained

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    Prinect 2013 explained

    Workflow software package Prinect by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
    origins 1998 from a product released by joint venture Creo/Heidelberg (R.I.P.) and called Prinergy. It started with attaching Linotype Hell RIP technique (Heidelberg part) to a JDF-based Java-programmed PDF-processing and central job management structure (suppose, that was Creo input). During the years of development, it spread more and more both ways from the original prepress-only kern, i.e. to the printing presses and even finishing equipment on the one side, and to the management information systems (calculation, order and stock management) on the other.
    Currently, the version 2013 of Prinect Workflow includes:
    • Central Manager Module (Prepress, Pressroom, Postpress, Integration Manager)
    • Renderer - an integrated software RIP
    • Meta Dimension - dedicated multipurpose RIP
    • Signa Station - Imposition software (currently, the best and most user-friendly on the market)
    • Prepress Interface - connection to Heidelberg printing machines
    • PDF Toolbox - an Acrobat plugin for reporting, geometry editing, colour management and trapping
    • Colour Toolbox - colour management software to calibrate printers, plotters, presses, monitors, and for creating custom ICC profiles
    • Prinect Shooter (was called "Meta Shooter" before) - output of TIFF-B data to Heidelberg imagesetters (ctp & ctf)
    • Business Manager - a MIS
    • Other extensions like Remote Access (web-ordering), Archiver, Content Manager
    • Prinect Maintenance Center - half-automatic update / hotfix module for all components
    More details about Meta Dimension - the raster image processor of the system.
    The main features of Meta Dimension are:
    - Color Proof output to most large format colour proofers with in-RIP colour management;
    - Form proof output to any Windows / Network printer;
    - Rasterized Contone TIFF, JPEG, PDF output (up to 1440 dpi);
    - TIFF-B (one-bit rasterized TIFF) output for any imagesetter, up to 5080 dpi;
    - Direct imaging on a Heidelberg imagesetter (ctp - Prosetter, Suprasetter; ctf - Quasar / Duosetter, Herkules);
    - In-RIP trapping;
    - 72 to 300 dpi TIFF preview of the processed image.
    PDF is used as main source format (image formats and PS supported, too). Adobe PDF Print Engine is used as interpreter, no PDF-PS conversion any more.

    Prepress Manager features:
    - PDF normalizing, proofing, prefligt, including colour management and trapping;
    - Importing and interactive processing of Signa layouts;
    - Assigning the pages to layouts;
    - Output management - to PDF file, RIP or iternal Renderer, imagesetter etc;
    - CIP3 data generator for printing machines;
    - Centralized job management (client-server system) controlled by Cockpits on PC or Mac workstations.

    Most of the software modules can be efficiently used as stand-alone solutions (Meta, Signa, Toolbox) or joined together in a partial workflow environment.

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