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Thread: PDF file sizes/number of pages - is there a "practical" limit ?

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    Why not split in Acrobat itself?

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    Why not split in acrobat ?

    It can be split in Acrobat - proof that acrobat can do some things better than free/opensource products if anyone needed it... (given the choice I'd prefer to use the free/opensource alternative but in this case it was not an option...)

    However, my point is that the original file is just too big.
    After all, PDF by definition means "Portable..."

    IMHO this file isn't fulfilling that otherwise I could use any software to open/edit the file.

    Is PDF really a suitable format for such large files ?
    Has anyone had a similar experience with files of a similar size and how did they handle this ?
    eg Did they suggest that the customer produces multiple smaller PDF's instead of composing 1 extremely large file ?

    Thanks again,

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