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Thread: Embed thumbnails in PDF

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    Embed thumbnails in PDF

    Does anyone know a Quick & Easy way to embed thumbnails in an existing PDF (either in Acrobat or using a plugin like Pitstop, Callas, Heidelberg etc.) - that is to say, without re-running through Distiller?

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    normally there is no need to embed the thumbnails because Acrobat is able to create them on-the-fly when needed. But if you want to embed it manually you can choose that from the flyout-menue on the left side in the sidebar:
    right-click to choose "pages"
    on top inside the left sidebar the flyout-menue "embed thumbnails"

    sorry I have no english version, so the correct commands could be a little different, but it should be there

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    Thanks, I knew there had to be a simple way but just couldn't find it!

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