Hi Experts,

My name is David & I am new to this forum. This is a great place to learn stuff & has already been very useful. Really apreciate all your valuable contributions ...

I am in need of some assistance/guidance & hope each of you can share your 2 cents. We are a Roto Gravure cylinder manufacturing company currently upgrading to "Electronic Engraving". We currently have an Ohio & a Gravostar "uncomissioned". I have discussed about the work flow with a few people locally...

Most common workflow is as below as per what I understood. Pls feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

1) Art work > Artpro - Processing image, finalize art work, trapping etc.
2) Layout > Collage Layout System (CLS)
3) RTI etc to engraver

For a beginner I would like to know whats "cost effective" & at the same time gives me good quality> We do not want to compromise on quality.

Any guidance around this topic would be highly appreciate

Thank you in advance ;)