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Thread: [HELP] Production/PDF Question

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    [HELP] Production/PDF Question

    This question may appear similar to the other PDF related question I asked, but it is different. ;)
    I occasionally have to come up with dielines that we send to China for production and recently some files haven't g through. I'm told it's possibly because of the firewall in China or that the files are too large.
    Anyways, as long as the dielines are comprised solely of vectors, the PDF files we send to China is never large. Usually under 500k or so. But sometimes I need to include a JPEG as a reference to the file and that increases the file drastically.
    Are there any tricks/functions in the "save as PDF" dialogue that can seriously reduce the file size while simultaneously preserving illustrator editing capabilities? All I can do for now is compress the JPEG but sometimes it's still not enough.

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    What software are you using? Some of the more advanced PDF softwares can compress images to varying levels whilst retaining editing capabilities. Another option may be to compress the large files into smaller chunks (using rar or other)

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    I usually generate my construction references in Illustrator as well, for just this reason.

    If you have to include a jpeg in your illustrator document, adjust it in Photoshop before embedding. Typically 150–100ppi at the placed size is adequate for a reference (and keeps the printer from using it for anything else), and you can definitely use a lot of compression (like quality medium–low). Then drag or place the jpeg into your document and in the links palette menu select embed.

    Alternatively, if you are saving as a PDF, as long as Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities is checked, the PDF file will be openable by Illustrator. Then you can adjust resolution and quality in the compression options of the Save Adobe PDF dialog box. This is accessible after selecting Save As > Format > Adobe PDF > Save and going to the Compression tab on the left hand side of the Save Adobe PDF dialog box. Then you can select downsampling and adjust or try out different compression options.

    Lastly, you could also try applying an archiving compression to the Illustrator or PDF file before sending. Zip is easy and cross-platform.

    I typically archive files before sending using Zip in order to make sure nothing gets scrambled. Haven't had any problems sending to China or Asia.

    Hope that helps. I can expand more if needed.
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    If it's only a reference image to show the position of the die guide on the actual artwork you could just do a screenshot of it and send that with the die guide PDF.

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    what about using apago pdf shrink? it does miracles...

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