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Thread: Simulating In-Camera JPEG using ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)

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    Simulating In-Camera JPEG using ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)

    Hi all,
    I am currently taking RAW+JPEG fine captures of the ColorChecker Classic and applying ACR's Camera Calibration Profiles (Ie. Camera Standard, Camera Neutral etc.) to better match the colours from raw to Nikon-processed JPEG.
    However, the Adobe Camera Profiles do not match the Nikon-processed JPEG colours exactly. So far I've only been able to achieve about 2.5 average delta E for the entire colour checker using Camera Profiles and some basic t adjustments.

    Does anybody have experience or knowledge about how to simulate (Nikon) camera-processed JPEG colours using Adobe Camera Raw?
    Any recommendations for the sequence of adjustments to make? (T Curves, Contrast, Exposure etc.)?

    Any input is greatly appreciated!

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    Adobe and Nikon are both using their own proprietary algorithms so you will never get a complete match. Average dE 2.5 is about the best I would think you could get it. Why are you trying to get it to match?

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