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Thread: Profiling a new paper type using Fiery RIP and Fiery Color Profiler Software

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    Profiling a new paper type using Fiery RIP and Fiery Color Profiler Software

    This is my first post. We are a quick digital print and scan bureau in Brisbane Australia.
    Our new printer is a FujiXerox PC560 with an Oversize High Capacity Feeder, Folder, Booklet Maker, Paper Drill, etc. It has a bustled EFI Fiery RIP and we bought the ES1000 with Fiery Color Profiler software.
    In the beginning we had so much difficulty understanding how to linearise, and calibrate, but now we have got the hang of it.
    Although I'd still say that the Fiery workflow to calibrate a paper type is convoluted and not like how we would calibrate our wide-format printer.
    Does anybody have any suggestions for linearisizing and characterising a paper type using the Fiery Color Profiler/Fiery RIP?

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    New paper

    Did you find a solution? we too cant understand how to create a new profile - when trying to calibrate an epson p20000, when the chart is sent to the printer we get "no media profile available", which makes sense because there are no profiles yet for the printer and we want to linearize it before profiling

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