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Thread: Profiling flat bed scanner

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    Profiling flat bed scanner


    I scan art work for my wife's club and do an heavy search for the most accurate profiling software.
    I tried Argyll, CoCa, PM, the new I1Profiler, basICColor input (the worst).

    I had the best result with an old open source software : LPROF.
    I was very surprised.
    I use it with an Wolf IT8 7.2 target.

    I hope this will help.

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    Don't know why your profiles are bad, i've used to profile (some years ago..) my scanners (drum; flatbed) with a Wolf target too, and also another target.. al I've always had problems with the black... as far as i can remember it always clipped the red channel in a strange way.

    What do you intend to do with your scans? print them again?

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