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Thread: Print with Color Management OFF after Adobe CS4

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    Print with Color Management OFF after Adobe CS4

    I tried to profile my home printers (Epson L800 and some office HP inkjet) but with no success. I have i1Pro and I have searched all over forum and discovered basICColor catch and DropRGB. I tried and I got poor results. I found out that the problem was in Target print for measuring.

    With help of uncle Google I found this tools from Adobe

    With this App i printed this Target:

    I made the measurements in basICColor catch and made new ICC profiles for all my printers. I can say it works amazing. Now I have almost the same output color on all my printers.

    Does any one have any better solution?


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    I will try this, thanks

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    I would suggest generating your own patch set with iprofiler or profile maker, and use at least 1500 patches then you will get results, also don't forget about optical brighteners in paper.

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