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Thread: PDF scaling for Printers

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    PDF scaling for Printers

    When preparing large format artwork for printers it's often required to supply at 25% or 50%.

    Now, I wanted to clear something up. I would assume to get the artwork to 25% original size I would divide the length and width by two, giving me a page a quarter of the size of the original.

    So if the full size was 1000mm x 800mm I would size the artwork to 500mm x 400mm.

    So if that's the case, how would I create artwork at 50%?

    OR, is it actually the case where to get 25% of the full size I would divide by 4?

    So using my original dimensions I would end up with 250mm x 200mm?


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    Scaling for print refers to Linear dimensions

    To make a correct calculation for print, you must not confuse Linear with Area calculations.
    Usually, in the printing industries 25% size refers to the Linear dimensions.
    In you case a 1000x800 mm poster, scaled to 25% will refer to a 250x200mm artwork.

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