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Thread: measure custom made patches

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    measure custom made patches

    I want to make custom patches from gmg flexo chartv2. I would like to choose about 30 patches to measure. The source values will be from printed media.

    My idea is to measue this strip on printed media and compare to source values. To check dotgain and deltaE.

    Anybody knows in whitch software can I do it ?

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    This should be quite straightforward to accomplish using aBasICColor Calibrate, which is a module in the full version of BasICColor Catch v5.x. I’m also pretty sure you could do the same using i1Profiler. Also, the Color Tools module in EFI (ColorProof) XF v6.3~v6.5 (and perhaps also EFI Color Profiler Suite, using the tt g is another application which should provide suitable solution to your query.

    I’d recommend starting with whichever application you’re either most familiar with and/or comfortable using or the application which is most convenient for you and your workflow. Just wondering out of curiosity, what brand/model printer are you currently using and what brand/model of spectrophotometer is in your setup?

    Good luck with this and please reply and let us know how you accomplished your goal and which app you used or if you used more than one, etc.

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